Taking the 3D Plunge

Until today, I had never seen a modern 3D movie in the theater. I have a very strong prescription and 3D televisions quickly give me a headache so I was unwilling to drop an extra $2-$3 for the privilege of pain. Thankfully I had FREE tickets and my daughter wanted to go see Monsters, Inc with our granddaughter.

Dorothy is dressed up as Sully. As expected, about five minutes in I started to get a headache from the eyestrain. I took two Excedrin Migraine and, shortly after that, I had clear sailing for the rest of the movie. I was able to get most of the 3D effects though next time I will sit closer to center.

The 3D post-conversion was well-handled and gave a good sense of depth throughout the movie. I’m not sure that it made the movie more immersive for me but I can understand the appeal.

Of course I couldn’t resist the Hobbit combo. My adorable granddaughter Dorothy was very good and quiet. She kept her 3D glasses on for the whole film and ate almost the entire bucket of popcorn – even to the extent of fending off some of our attempts to eat.