I’m About to Barf … Seriously!

WARNING: Today’s post may contain violent depictions of illness

Thank goodness I had written a few posts ahead. Last week I got the flu. Each day seems to present a new and wondrous symptom. It has been a week now and I don’t seem to be getting any better.

My precious granddaughter discovered the best symptom – projectile vomiting! Yes, currently if Miss D starts crying, everyone starts running. She hurled twice her body length in the living room the other day. Ditto the bedroom, playroom, and car seat.

(The Exorcist is currently available on Amazon Prime)

I am one of those ‘lucky’ individuals who doesn’t throw up. I still get just as nauseous but nothing comes out so the feeling doesn’t go away.

My current problem though is that this stupid flu seems to have once again activated my dormant bronchitis. If I am fortunate and have taken Nyquil and a lozenge, I can get an hour to an hour and a half of sleep. I repeat this sequence of events until dawn and then I give up.

Still I cannot complain. The folks in Outbreak (currently available on Amazon Prime) and The Andromeda Strain (instant Netflix) have it much worse. Hopefully this will pass soon and I can get enough concentration to write more betterer.