Still More Junk from the Netflix Trunk

Honestly, I’m going to start watching something besides horror soon. That said here’s what I’ve watched lately:

The Traveler (2010) – Rated R

“Val Kilmer stars in this creepy thriller as Mr. Nobody, a mysterious drifter who wanders into a small-town police station on Christmas Eve and confesses to a series of murders, none of which has occurred — yet.”

First off, this is nearly the exact same film as Inkubus. Traveler is a low, low-budget thriller that spent most of the budget hiring a somnambulic Val Kilmer. The movie starts with an interesting idea but handles it poorly. The ending features a couple of nice plot points but, again, they are not handled well. Everything in the middle is just an uninteresting mess. I’m not sure how two separate movies can take the same relatively promising premise and both completely blow it.

Sand Sharks (2012) – Rated R

“In this comedic thriller, an underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean’s surface, unleashing a prehistoric shark. The terrifying creature soon begins to prey on a group of unsuspecting teens partying at the beach.”

I really don’t know what attracts me to watch these films. I think it arises from my childhood adoration of the Harryhausen films. Somehow I think that I’ll derive some entertainment from any movie with a monster in it..

Sand Sharks is terrible. I didn’t see the Asylum label but it might as well have been there. Sand Sharks is so bad that I turned it off after 15 minutes. Laughable CGI, poor dialogue, awful acting – Sand Sharks pegs the rotten meter.

Bereavement (2010) – Rated R

“When teen orphan Allison goes to live with relatives on their remote farm, she discovers that a twisted neighbor has been training 10-year-old Martin Bristol, a boy he kidnapped five years before, in the ways of serial murder.”

If you like to hear young ladies screaming while they are hung up and tortured in a dimly lit basement then this is the film for you. There are some third act developments that are too obvious to be called twists. Another film that was not worth my time.