Mid-Month Netflix Update

According to a Sandvine Broadband report, during peak download time, traffic breaks down like this:

33% Netflix

11% YouTube

1.75% Amazon Prime

1.38% Hulu

0.52% HBO Go

So not only is Netflix easily the reigning champion but it has 20 times the viewers of Amazon Prime and Hulu. I was surprised to see Hulu show up below Amazon though.

Netflix has been spreading their new releases out a bit more so the 15th of the month update was a little sparse.

Horror got a boost with the cult classic Re-Animator, Monster Brawl, Madison County, Dead Season, and Airborne

We also got a little bit of stand-up comedy: Paul Rodriguez: Just for the Record and D.L. Hughley: Reset

Television series got some new episodes of: Teen Wolf, The Sarah Silverman Program, Merlin, and Stargate Universe.

Netflix finally has a preview of its new series, House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. The series is based on an amazing BBC show, House of Cards, which is also available on instant Netflix.

Finally, if you simply must see every bad movie out there: Uwe Boll’s latest videogame movie, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale just became available.