More from Netflix and CBS Joins Hulu

Woot! CBS will be joining Hulu in 2013. We cut cable a long time ago and now my wife will be able to get How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Now if only there were some way to get HBO without cable…

Netflix streaming normally gives us a ton of content on the 1st and 15th of each month but this month there have been some interesting in-between releases I’d like to point out.

The Flowers of War (2011) – Rated R

“In 1937, as the Japanese army brutally invades the Chinese city of Nanking, an American mortician is trapped inside a western cathedral and vows to protect a group of young schoolgirls and 13 courtesans who are seeking refuge from the soldiers.”

I LOVE Yimou Zhang. Hero, House of the Flying Daggers, and Curse of the Golden Flower are some of my favorite films so I’m very interested to see what he does with this story.

Lockout (2012) – Rated PG-13

“A former government agent wrongly accused of a crime gets a shot at freedom — if he can engineer a high-risk mission to outer space in order to rescue the president’s daughter from a prison where the inmates are in control.”

Lockout is utterly generic. It tries to be Escape from New York in space but is so by the numbers. Rarely have I seen a science fiction movie show this little imagination.

A Cat inParis (2010) – Rated PG

“In this Oscar-nominated animated feature, little Zoe discovers that her cat, Dino, moonlights as the companion to Nico, a burglar with a heart of gold. Soon Zoe is drawn into a thriller filled with gangsters, jewels and the rooftops of Paris.”

Netflix does not get enough animated feature films, let alone Oscar-nominated ones.

Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden (2012) – Not rated

“In this action-packed adventure, the members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 train for a critical mission, initially unaware that their efforts will culminate in a daring nighttime raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound.”

Hrrm – this was amazingly quick as it just aired on NatGeo. I’ll take a look but you are probably better off with Act of Valor if you want to see real modern tactics or waiting for Zero Dark Thirty at the theater for the hunt for Bin Laden story.

Bernie (2011) – Rated PG-13

“In this black comedy inspired by real-life events, affable Texas mortician Bernie befriends the small town’s wealthiest widow and then kills her. But despite the suspicious nature of her death, no one wants to think anything but the best of Bernie.”

I’m looking forward to watching this well-reviewed indie comedy.

Coma (2012) – Not rated

“In this made-for-cable miniseries based on Robin Cook’s bestselling novel, a doctor begins to suspect that something is amiss when several seemingly healthy patients begin lapsing into comas after routine operations.”

White Vengeance (2011) – Not rated

“As all of China falls into chaos during the final years of the Qin Dynasty, two brothers, powerful warlords Liu Bang and Xiang Fu, engage in a bloody battle to ascend the imperial throne — and to win the love of one woman.”

The Boys from Brazil (1978) – Rated R

“In this thriller based on Ira Levin’s novel, young Nazi hunter Barry Kohler stumbles on the trail of the infamous “Angel of Death,” Dr. Josef Mengele, who is planning to resurrect Hitler’s vision in South America.”

Ah yes, my kryptonite – a horror movie about Nazis. The Boys from Brazil has absolutely fantastic casting – stalwart American hero Gregory Peck playing Dr. Josef Mengele, Laurence Olivier as a Nazi hunter (a great counterpoint to his role in Marathon Man), the always reliable James Mason, and even a very young Steve Guttenberg.