Fangoria Frightfest De-Fanged

I love to try new series. Recently the Fangoria Frightfest imprint came to instant Netflix. I like to flip through Fangoria magazine at the bookstore. I would buy it but $8-$10 for a single magazine is ridiculous and the subscription price isn’t much less. Of course now almost all the information in each issue is already available on the internet.

Dark House (2009) – Rated R

“Trying to exorcise her worst memories, Claire returns to the foster home where she witnessed a terrible massacre years ago. But she and her friends soon find they’ve been locked inside with an evil spirit who wants to perpetrate another mass murder.”

Dark House is a mildly amusing remake of The House on Haunted Hill (1999), which itself was a remake of The House on Haunted Hill (1959). It also features Jeffrey Combs as House (1999) did. The trouble is that he doesn’t have much to do here and just phones it in.

Pig Hunt (2008) – Rated R

“A guys-only hunting weekend dissolves into insanity when the boys run up against fields of marijuana, crazed hicks, a hippie commune, a 3,000-pound killer boar and other high jinks in this unpredictable horror comedy.”

Pig Hunt is just awful. If you are looking for a monster movie about a killer boar then you are in the wrong place. The boar doesn’t show up until the last few minutes. The hicks are ridiculous and poorly written, only outdone by the hippie commune.

Road Kill (2010) – Rated R

“Australia’s barren Outback provides the setting for this hair-raising thriller about a massive driverless truck that runs four teenagers off the road and then becomes their personal hell-wagon after they try to drive it to safety.”

Road Kill is a cross between Spielberg’s Duel and the classic Australian thriller Road Games. It is unfortunately not nearly as good as either of those. The scenes of the Outback are nice and some of the ideas are interesting but execution is subpar.

Hunger (2009) – Rated R

“Five strangers awake in an underground dungeon and discover that they’ve been kidnapped as part of a terrible experiment. A sadistic scientist wants to answer a simple question: What are they willing to do to survive after weeks without food?”

Hunger, not to be confused with Michael Fassbender’s Hunger or The Hunger, is pretty good. It is naturally somewhat gruesome and parts of it are a bit obvious but it is suspenseful.

Grimm Love (2006) – Rated R

“In this shocking thriller based on a true tale, graduate student Katie Armstrong’s research into killer and cannibal Oliver Hartwin and his willing victim, Simon Grombeck, leads to a dark journey into the men’s twisted deed and tortured psyches.”

Grimm Love is very strange. The names are changed but the story of the German cannibal (Armin Meiwes in real life) and victim is pretty accurate. For some reason, possibly to pad out the running time, we have narration and an investigation by researcher Katie Armstrong (Keri Russell) who tells the story in flashbacks, chronologically.

The story, in spite of the homosexuality, murder, and cannibalism, is not told in an overly lurid or sensationalistic manner. This does not however mean that it is pleasant to watch as it is a story about one man soliciting someone on the web to eat and then doing so. It is also about the victim who apparently desired to be eaten, starting with his genitalia.