FREE Movies are Good – Especially 007

I haven’t plugged my favorite movie theater in a few months so here goes:

Carolina Cinemas is what all movie theaters should be. Yes if they were newer, they would have stadium seating but, apart from that, they are awesome. Any size soda is refillable – they have the fountain machine on the outside so customers can help themselves. If you have an Asheville Film society membership ($10 for the year nets you $1 off every movie you see) then refills on any size popcorn are FREE.

All day on Wednesdays, movie tickets are only $5. They are a measly $3 with student ID.

Every Tuesday night at 8 pm, the Asheville Film Society puts on a FREE movie in the cinema lounge. Membership is not necessary to attend. Here are November’s offerings:

11/6 Ruggles of Red Gap (1935, Leo McCarey) w/ Charles Laughton
11/13 Monkey Business (1931, Norman McLeod) w/ Marx Brothers
11/20 Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936, H. Bruce Humberstone) w/ Warner Oland and Boris Karloff
11/27 I Heart Huckabees (2003, David O. Russell) w/ Dustin Hoffman

Every Thursday night at 8 pm, they show a horror movie for FREE in the lounge. For November:

11/8 El Vampiro (1957, Fernando Mendez) w/ Abel Salazar
11/15 The Ninth Gate (1999, Roman Polanski) w/ Johnny Depp
11/22 Thanksgiving – no movie
11/29 The Manitou (1978, William Girdker) w/ Tony Curtis

Speaking of FREE movies, Best Buy has a large selection of the James Bond Blu-Rays on sale for $9.99 and they come with a coupon on the cover for a FREE ticket to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall.