Shocktober Additions to Netflix – Mid-Month Flood

The mid-month flood of titles from Netflix arrived promptly on the 15th. This being October, the movies are mainly horror.

Italian horror fans rejoice, Mario Bava’s catalog just started streaming: Baron Blood (1972), Bay of Blood (aka Twitch of the Death Nerve, 1971), Black Sunday (1960), Lisa and the Devil (aka The House of Exorcism, 1974), Kill Baby…Kill! (1966), The Girl who Knew Too Much (aka The Evil Eye, 1963). Even some of Bava’s non-horror movies show up like Knives of the Avenger and Roy Colt and Winchester Jack.

Horror magazine Fangoria has a film imprint and, like the AfterDark and Ghost House labels, these are available for streaming: Grimm Love, Pig Hunt,Hunger, Road Kill, and Dark House.

Miscellaneous horror includes: Girls Gone Dead, Hidden, Cornered, Slave, ATM, Intruders (w/ Clive Owen), Die, Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, and The Devil’s Rock.

There is a bit of stand-up comedy to lighten the mood: Ben Bailey: Road Rage and Accidental Ornithology, John Pinette: Still Hungry, Pablo Francisco: They Put it Out There, and Rickey Smiley: Open Casket Sharp.

For the military minded we got: Beneath Hill 60, Attack on Leningrad, Legend of the Patriots, Age of Heroes, and Ultimate Force.

As if you did not get enough television love last month, you can try Wild at Heart or The Palace and more episodes of: Happy Tree Friends, Raising Hope, The Cleveland Show, Glee, and The League.