Saint Nick aka Sint

Saint Nick (Sint/Saint) is currently available on instant Netflix.

One Line Review: What if someone made Black Christmas with a real Santa Claus killer?

Saint Nick (2010) – Not rated

“In this yuletide gorefest, jolly St. Nick gets a dark makeover as a sinister medieval cleric who returns to Amsterdam’s snowy streets to avenge his death by killing innocent children. Can a high school student and a disgraced cop stop the rampage?”

“Your parents have told you that he doesn’t exist…”

Whereas Rare Exports was a quasi-horror movie that was almost family friendly, Sint lets you know in the first few minutes that it is a straight-up horror movie. Also Sint is dubbed instead of subtitled. This is a little jarring as writing on the blackboard is in Dutch as is a song that the children sing but dialogue is in English.

I also have to post a note about offensiveness for Sint: Rare Exports contains much male nudity. Sint, on the other hand, contains a couple characters in ‘blackface’. I’m not sure if this is a real Dutch tradition or one made up for the movie but there you go.

As is typical for independent films, this is a one-man show. Dick Maas directs, writes, produces, and even composes for Sint. Sint is filmed and plays out like a half slasher/half zombie film, albeit with a supernatural protagonist.

Like Rare Exports, Sint just gets going when *boom* it’s over. The film is fun and fascinating but the ending leaves a lot to be desired.