On the Set of Mister White & Erica Summers

Pardon a moment while I digress from my streaming opinions.

Last weekend, while my wife and mother-in-law were busy at Disney World, I was blessed to spend all day Saturday with my youngest daughter at work. Why is that a blessing? Because she is a makeup artist and she has spent the past few months working on a low-budget horror movie!

Thanks to my blogging and my ever-supportive wife, I have gotten to attend film premieres and meet actors, directors, stuntmen, and critics but I have never actually been on a movie set.

I spent a marvelous eight hours or so chatting with the wonderful cast & crew between takes. The director, Erica Summers (the link is to her imdb profile), even let me help with some of the sound markers and special effects. I’m not sure that I was actually helpful but it was very sweet of Erica to let me pitch in.

Mister White does not have an imdb page yet (principal photography doesn’t end until mid-September) but Erica’s last two movies, Loverboy and Rag Doll, are listed. I even got a DVD of Loverboy to watch and a Mister White crew hat.

I would love to include a photo of Mister White as the monster is very scary but they are (naturally) keeping that under wraps. I cannot wait for this to premiere next year!