Area 407

Always on the prowl for new horror movies, I came across Area 407

One Line Review: Skip it and wait for Area 408.

Area 407 (2012) – Not rated

“After their plane crashes, a group of survivors find themselves pursued by predators that are part of a top-secret government experiment. Two teenage sisters who were on board the plane capture that fateful night on video.”

Ugh! Is there a more worn-out horror premise than the found footage movie? The Blair Witch Project was a breath of fresh air at the time. Cloverfield was a neat way to film a giant monster movie on a budget. Diary of the Dead disguised social commentary as a zombie film.

Paranormal Activity, which I found mediocre, brought the premise home to the family and made it more intimate. This was followed by three ever more derivative sequels (yes I’m operating on the assumption that October’s Paranormal 4 will not be very good). This is not to mention Paranormal Incident and Paranormal Entity. My favorite title has to be the Spanish film, Atrocious, which speaks for itself.

This brings us to Area 407. Mostly when you ground a film in reality, that is a good thing. Sadly, in Area 407, it is not. We get glimpses of real people but they are the kind of people that set your teeth on edge. One of the primary rules of screenwriting is to create at least one sympathetic character.

Writer/directors Everette Wallin and Dale Fabrigar have a very tiny budget here. The shaky cam effect is accentuated, presumably to hide the lack of effects. If you watch this on a large television, expect to feel nauseous.

Everything you hate about found footage films is, umm, found in abundance here. There are endless shaky cam scenes, obscured viewpoints, blurry shots, drowned out dialogue (sometimes a plus here), poor acting, a terrible script – I think you get the picture.

The only thing ameliorating the damage to your brain is the ending. However, in spite of enjoying the ending, it is not worth sitting through an hour and a half of emotional and physical nausea to get to.