September FREE Showings at Carolina Cinemas

Well here’s my monthly plug for my favorite theater, Carolina Cinemas. Every Tuesday night at 8 p.m., the Asheville Film Society puts on a FREE showing of a classic movie in the cinema lounge. Membership is NOT necessary to attend. Here are September’s showings.

9/4 Footlight Parade (1933, Lloyd Bacon/Busby Berkely) w/ James Cagney and Ruby Keeler

9/11 My Little Chickadee (1940, Edward Cline) w/ W.C. Fields

9/18 The Smiling Lieutenant (1931, Ernst Lubitsch) w/ Claudette Colbert

9/25 The Fourth Man (1983, Paul Verhoeven)

Every Thursday evening at 8, Carolina Cinema puts on a horror movie for FREE. Arrive early as they have a serial starting at about 7:30 (Currently Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe). I’m proud to say that I contributed the first two films on the list.

9/6 Monster on the Campus (1958, Jack Arnold)

9/13 The Land Unknown (1957, Virgil W. Vogel)

9/20 The Night of the Demon aka Curse of the Demon (1957, Jacques Tourneur)

9/27 Double Feature: Man-Made Monster & Horror Island (1941, George Waggner)

Once a month, the Asheville Film Society has one of their Big Screen Budget series, where a classic film is shown on the big screen. Admission is $5 for Film Society members and I believe $7 for non-members. Membership is only $10 for a year and confers many benefits.

This month’s feature is Charade and will play on 9/19. Time was not announced but usually these start at 7:30 p.m..