A Little Hulu & Netflix This ‘n’ That

* The expectation is that Provident Equity will be bought out of Hulu next month. This would leave just ABC/Disney, NBC/Comcast and Fox/News Corp owning Hulu. According to Variety, Fox wants to increase ads from two or three per break to four (ugh!). ABC and Fox will be able to have exclusives on their own sites instead of Hulu (double ugh!). ABC and Fox will also be able to sell current seasons to other interested parties (Netflix, Youtube) so that could hurt Hulu.

* Hulu has also completely redesigned their interface. If it hasn’t rolled out to you yet, it will soon.

* Netflix has just added “Post Play”. Instead of just queueing up the next episode of a series, it will now play the next episode after about fifteen seconds. For movies it will offer you three suggestions based on what you just watched (presumably that one is not an auto-start). More good news for those of us who like to watch marathons (like the Breaking Bad one I’m hoping to do soon).

* Netflix’ latest deal is with indie film distributor Fortissimo. They are licensing over sixty films for streaming starting next month. The deal includes films from directors Jiang Wen, Mika Kaurismaki, and Clara Law.

* Netflix just hit one million subscribers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. How much longer before they rule the world?

* Netflix finally added people search to their Xbox 360 interface. Now you can watch all your favorite stars without having to remember whether Charlton Heston was in Touch of Evil or Force of Evil.

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