Weekend This ‘n’ That – FREE The Expendables 2 & The Bourne Legacy

* I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get to catch the last of the summer movies. I have two FREE tickets to The Expendables 2 and one FREE ticket to The Bourne Legacy so I’m going to make a day of it.

* FREE The Expendables 2 tickets are available on select Blu-Rays at Best Buy: Universal Soldier, RED, Red Heat, CopLand, Transporter 3, The Expendables, Rambo, Rambo: First Blood, War, Kickboxer, T-2: Skynet edition, Hostage, Black Mask, Crank, Bank job, and Total Recall (earlier version). The Blu-Rays are currently $10

* FREE The Bourne Legacy tickets are available on select Blu-Rays at Best Buy: Fast & Furious 1-4, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum, Scorpion King 2, and The Mummy. I got The Mummy because it was cheaper than the others.

* Speaking of summer movies, the one I missed was Snow White and the Huntsman. Strangely Universal decided, instead of two more sequels with Kristen Stewart, they are going to make a spinoff with Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman and drop Snow White. Apparently the fallout from Stewart’s affair and her top dollar price fresh off the Twilight series actually had an impact.

* Upcoming FREE movie ticket promos include Sparkle, Finding Nemo 3-D, Taken 2, Skyfall, and The Hobbit.

* Joining the Netflix streaming family this year will be Sweden, Norway, Finland, & Denmark. World domination is only a few clicks away.

* The wonderful Netflix for Kids option on the Xbox 360 and PS3 apparently annoys some people. I’m not sure why the option to turn off wasn’t selectable but Netflix states that the Kids options will eventually disappear if it is not used.