The recent movie Creature is currently on instant Netflix. This is not to be confused with the 1984 movie Creature which is also available on instant Netflix.

One Line Review: Generic young folk eaten by sub-generic alligator man – stupidity ensues.

Creature (2011) – Rated R for bloody violence and grisly images, some sexual content, graphic nudity, language and brief drug use.

“A group of friends partying in the wilds of Louisiana get into a fight for their lives when a beastly half-man, half-alligator that locals call Lockjaw comes searching for food — and for a new bride!”

“Blood is blood”

Okay Creature is certainly among the most generic of titles but a creature feature is my favorite type of horror movie. It is from first-time writer and director Fred Andrews. He starts with the obvious gotcha – an attractive young lady getting nekkid. She goes the full monty before going swimming in the bayou. Do people actually swim in the bayou? Anyway she appears to be eaten by an alligator shortly after.

We are then introduced to our half dozen meat on the hoof young folks – just passing through on their way to The Big Easy. Creature stars Mehcad Brooks, last seen as Eggs in True Blood. Here he plays Niles. Serinda Swan (Zatanna in Smallville) is Emily. Of course they all purposely sidetrack to find Lockjaw – the titular creature.

Creature gets a tiny boost from two horror veterans. Sid Haig is Chopper and Pruitt Taylor Vince (Walking Dead, Constantine) is Grover, two of our locals. Vince has two scenes and the director just lets Sid Haig be Sid Haig, this is not a plus for this film.

Here is part of my problem with movie portrayals of cannibalism. They invariably show someone gnawing on a raw arm or leg. When was the last time you went out and butchered a cow and ate a haunch of it raw? Ever had a fish without it being gutted or scaled? Anyway I digress but this subject does come up in Creature. As does a fair amount of incest.

Apparently if you don’t pay attention in the bayou, you can quickly be covered in tarantulas. I did not know this. Even though one of our group gets bitten, his companions feel he should just walk it off and they continue to explore. With friends like these…

The set up and events are so by-the-numbers that the only things that could save this would be stylish direction, good special effects, and/or an awesome monster. Sadly none of these are present and the monster is pretty bad. Let’s see – the young folks go off to camp (for no apparent reason) and of course drink alcohol, smoke weed, and have the premarital sex.

There is almost enough sexual content and nudity here to qualify as a 90s Skinemax title. The monster doesn’t look much better than the one in 1959’s The Alligator People and that one had Lon Chaney.

Ultimately it is not as awful as I had heard but it is pretty bad and not really worth watching.

People Watch: Wow in spite of Creature bombing at the box office, several of the leads got regular television roles. Mehcad Brooks is now Terrence King in Necessary Roughness. Serinda Swan can be seen as Erica Reed in Breakout Kings. Dillon Casey is Sean Pierce on Nikita. Poor Lauren Schneider – since Creature she has been cast as ‘Hot Girl’ in an episode of Stretched and ‘Hot Girl’ in the movie Gus (I’m not making that up).