Netflix, Olympics, Star Wars, and Amazon

* Isn’t the 2012 Olympics logo ugly? Yet this logo must have won some kind of competition. If you ever needed to know that the Olympics are still relevant, look no further than Netflix. Apparently Netflix viewership was down about 25% on Sunday. For the sports lovers out there, Netflix did debut a slew of ESPN’s series, 30 for 30.

* Speaking of Netflix, I did not even know that this was a thing but apparently some people are getting ads and/or pop-ups when streaming Netflix on their computers. Obviously Netflix does not have commercials so those viewers getting this have malware. Here is the Netflix page to help you deal with this problem.

* More new streaming titles for August: Bonnie and Clyde, Arsenic and Old Lace, Driving Miss Daisy, Sabrina, The Day of the Jackal, High Noon and The Last Remake of Beau Geste.

* Amazon Instant video is now available on the iPad. In my latest test, Amazon Prime is quickly gaining traction against Netflix and that FREE 2-day shipping from Amazon is pretty nice if you order a lot. Now if only they would fix their absolutely horrendous search and menus.

* Apropos nothing, my family used to play World of Warcraft. I have long since given up PC gaming (one can only have so many hobbies) but I thought I would mention that Star Wars: The Old Republic is going the free to play route this fall like most of the other MMOs. Massively multiplayer online games are a huge time-sink so play at your own risk.