AMC Disney Theater part 2 – Ultimate Snack Concession

While the AMC Disney theater’s drink concession was wonderful, I was less impressed with the snacks. They have an incredible variety but my local theater, Carolina Cinemas, has a chicken, fresh basil, and tomato pizza with a balsamic drizzle as well as a strawberry salad and red velvet truffles.

Sadly the first thing I did was get suckered in by the above AMC deal. I was obviously going to get a large soda anyway so I ordered the chicken tenders so I could get the FREE curly fries. While it was expensive, it was no more expensive than any of the other places to eat at Downtown Disney. The tenders were terrible. They tasted as though they had been dumped out of a freezer bag into the fryer and then overcooked. The fries suffered a similar fate.

Apparently I could have drowned them in chili and/or cheese (well perhaps cheez – I doubt there is much dairy involved). I was not sure if there was an extra charge for either of these so I declined but it did appear as though you could put as much as you wanted on your hot dog/fries/candy.

AMC did have a healthy snack option. For $7 you got a bottle of Dasani water, Chiquita Fruit Chips, Odwalla (?) Trail Mix Bar, and Popped Corn.

They had a variety of premium chocolate bars.

In addition to their normal popcorn, they also had a make-your-own gourmet popcorn option and a make-your-own ice cream option. The overall selection of snacks was quite impressive but fresh food beats packaged snacks any day.

Finally, I accidentally left this off yesterday’s post. In addition to the Coca-Cola Freestyle, Icee, and Iced Tea machines, they also had specialty coffees available.