HeroesCon & Lazy Sunday

Okay this is only peripherally movie-related but I did tie it in. Yesterday I went on a HeroesCon shopping trip for my birthday. I bought a bunch of really cheap graphic novels to read over the next several months.

I did not get to see Stan Lee or any of the wonderful artists & writers at the Con because honestly I just went for all the $1-$5 books I could load in my pack while my wonderful wife watched our granddaughter.

Long-suffering wife then took a picture of us outside the convention center with a couple of Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 and we piled back in the car for the two hour drive home.

I did pick up two boxes of The Incredibles notecards for $1 each – one for my eldest daughter who was working and one for myself. We were driving home when I started kicking myself for not buying all the boxes they had as I could see some neat art projects to be done with them. Never mind that I spent my entire allotted birthday budget and all the change in my pocket.


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