Aliens Attack Yet Again! Species III Edition

Oh no! not again! Species III is currently available on instant Netflix.

One-line Review: Better than the second, not a bad direct-to-DVD movie.

Species III (2004) – Not rated

“In this third film of the sci-fi horror franchise, Eve’s progeny — the part-alien, part-human Sara (Sunny Mabrey) — takes after her bloodthirsty mother. In search of someone to mate with, Sara will stop at nothing to find the appropriate partner. The government scrambles to put together a team to nab Sara before she causes total destruction, but she proves as challenging as her predecessor. Natasha Henstridge appears in a cameo as Eve.”

“You don’t want the tongue.”

“Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.” – should be the tagline for every mad scientist movie

Just as Species II ignored the ending and some other aspects of Species, Species III ignores the ending of Species II and some aspects of both films. Seriously, if you are going to do a series of films, hire a continuity writer. I always liked that the Universal Frankenstein movies started where the last one left off.

Obviously Species II must not have done very well as it took until 2004 for the next film to come out and even then it went straight to video. The only star to return in this film is Natasha Henstridge and she only has a cameo. Directing duties have been turned over to veteran TV director Brad Turner and writing to newcomer Ben Ripley.

Character actor Robert (Heroes, Prison Break) Knepper plays our scientist with an anger management problem, Dr. Abbot. Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman in Sanctuary) plays a super-intelligent grad student named Dean. Our Henstridge substitute is Sara, played by Sunny Mabrey once Sara reaches adulthood. Mabrey’s attractiveness is shown off but not fetishized the way Henstridge was in Species.

Writing is a bit above average for this sort of thing. Acting and directing are just average – no one is exceedingly good or bad. Shot compositions are flat, continuity needs work, and special effects could be better. Not much to really recommend it but not a terrible waste of an afternoon either.

People Watch: After writing the followup Species IV: The Awakening, Ben Ripley wrote the screenplay for Source Code, my favorite science fiction movie of last year.

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