Chop – Bloody Disgusting Selects

I love horror movies that are different. I loved the first entries from the After Dark line but then they went downhill. The Ghost House imprint from Sam Raimi then picked up the ball but didn’t go far. Netflix just got a batch of films from the latest horror imprint, Bloody Disgusting Selects. Chop is currently available on instant Netflix.

“After accepting a ride when his car breaks down, Lance finds himself tortured by a man from his past he can’t remember who holds a grudge for events Lance has forgotten. Now Lance must choose between saving the life of his brother or his wife.”

“Have you ever been shot with a tranquilizer gun?”

After one misfire (Outcast) and one film that wasn’t very good (The Pack), I wasn’t holding much hope for my next serving of Bloody Disgusting Selects. In fact I was thinking of just summing up the remaining films in a single post.

Before watching Chop, I looked at the credits. This is Trent Haaga’s directorial debut. Previously he has written and acted in various Troma productions. Much of the cast & crew are veterans of Troma productions as well.

If you haven’t seen a Troma production, trust me it is NOT a selling point. I watched a few of them and they were so awful that I swore off ever watching another Troma film. I have reached much the same conclusion with Asylum films (curse them and their beguiling titles like 2-Headed Shark Attack!).

Chop, despite having a rather torture porn-ish name, is a darkly comic romp. It is VERY low budget but they make the most of their money. The film is not rated but it is gory but really only towards the end of the film and language is quite harsh.

There are several characters but it is essentially a two-person movie. Will Keenan is funny as the hapless Lance and Timothy Muskatell is just fine and earnest as The Stranger. Everyone else is just window dressing.

Everything moves very quickly, as it should, and the dark humor never wears out its welcome. I don’t want to spoil any of the fun so I’ll just leave it at that and recommend watching it.

People Watch: The writer, Adam Minarovich (who certainly deserves a lot of the credit for this B-movie romp) also does duty as Detective Williams (and was wife-beater Ed in The Walking Dead). Max Haaga (son of director Trent?) plays young Lance.

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