Outcast & Bloody Disgusting Selects

I love horror movies that are different. I loved the first entries from the After Dark line but then they went downhill. The Ghost House imprint from Sam Raimi then picked up the ball but didn’t go far. Netflix just got a batch of films from the latest horror imprint, Bloody Disgusting Selects. Outcast is currently available on instant Netflix.

Outcast (2010) – Rated R

“Mary and her son, Fergal, are Irish nomads in a shadowy world of magic, where a deadly hunter stalks their every move. When Fergal falls in love with Petronella, a beautiful girl in their new village, it makes mother and son easy targets.”

I love fresh takes in the horror genre. Outcast is a very interesting update of Irish mythology set in the gloomy world of British subsidized housing. This by itself sets it apart from all other horror movies. The story is generally good, pretty literate and fairly fascinating.

The acting is good but not great. James Nesbitt is a wonderful actor. His performance as the titular Jekyll (and Hyde as well of course) is a blast and honestly I’d recommend watching that instead. Here he is the antagonist but he just doesn’t shine as much as he should. Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn on Game of Thrones) does a good job as the protective mother, Mary. The young people are acceptable but not much more than that. Our protagonist Fergal is played by newcomer Niall Bruton.

Unfortunately while the background story is good, unique and interesting, the plotting, especially the third act is beyond lazy. Every little step of everything that occurs leading up to, during, and after the climax is telegraphed and predictable.

While definitely a missed opportunity, Outcast is still fascinating and different.

Note: While this is a foreign film, no reading of subtitles is necessary. Accents are, at times, thick but understandable.

People Watch: Character actor James Cosmo plays Laird here. He has also played in everything from Battle of Britain (1969) up through Highlander and Braveheart and lately Jeor Mormont in Game of Thrones.

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