ActionFest VIP Badge – Cost Benefit Analysis

Many thanks to my wife for her tireless coverage of our three and a half day rampage through ActionFest 2012. I thought I’d take another look at the ActionFest VIP Badge we buy every year. We buy early so it cost $75 each. This years activities (if we had not bought the badge):

$8 showings: Solomon Kane, Let the Bullets Fly, Sinners and Saints, Headhunters, The Day, God Bless America, Goon, Wonder Women, Sleepless Nights (secret screening)

FREE showings: Trailer War, The Wild Bunch, Trailblazing Stuntmen panel, Stunt Show, The Art of Fight on Film

So even though we availed ourselves of many of the FREE activities, we still watched $72 worth of premieres. What did we get for our remaining $3? Well we had Sloppy Jai’s from Chai Pani Thursday night after Solomon Kane, an incredible taco bar from Mamacita’s Friday night in the lounge (chicken, chipotle chicken, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, fresh salsa, guacamole, lettuce, tortillas, and sauces), Salted Caramel ice cream from The Hop, cookies from Sugar Momma’s, wraps from Clingman’s Cafe on Saturday, and finally a banquet of chicken, dirty rice, beans, cole slaw, and sweet tea from Bojangles Sunday afternoon.

As if that wasn’t enough they gave badgeholders a grab bag with three posters, three DVDs from Magnet Releasing, a comic book, and some coupons. I got DVDs of Severence, The Perfect Sleep, and Chai Lai Angels. Obviously the badge was more than worthwhile again this year.

ActionFest on a budget: Every year the stunt show, the panels, and the awards show are FREE as are many of the showings. This year True Romance (introduced by Gina Carano – it’s her favorite film), The Wild Bunch (including a Q&A with stuntman Mickey Gilbert), and three showings of Trailer Wars from The Alamo Drafthouse were FREE as well so it would be easy to come on Saturday and stay all day without spending a dime.

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