Halloween – Goodbye Horror Movie Month

Well I’m as tired as my adorable granddaughter (above). I spent a wonderful three-day weekend in a non-stop orgy of horror movies, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Domino’s pizza – all thanks to my wonderful wife and daughter.

I’ll end horror movie month with another plug for our wonderful local cinema, The Carolina. The new month of  the FREE Thursday Horror Picture Show starts umm on Thursday. If you go try the fresh hot potato chips  piled high with housemade bleu cheese dressing, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, and scallions.

11/3 Boris Karloff double feature – The Man They Could Not Hang (1939) and The Boogeyman will Get You (1942)

11/10 The Stuff (1985) – An amusing film by Larry Cohen

11/17 The Bat Whispers (1930)

11/24 The hysterical The Giant Claw (1957)