October is Horror Movie Month


I try to restrict the number of horror movies I blog about because, given my druthers, I might write about nothing but horror movies. In October I tend to go nuts (in fact I have Scream running in the background in HD while I type this). This year instead of covering individual movies, I want to cover the actors, directors and subjects of the horror movies available on instant Netflix (mostly because there are way more than 30 horror movies to cover).

I must be psychologically damaged because Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Oddly there aren’t many horror movies starting in theaters this month. I’m very much looking forward to The Thing on October 14th, prequel to John Carpenter’s classic The Thing (1982). On the other hand they were unable to come up with an original title and I’m afraid that the CGI will be weak and/or overused.

The only other theater horror movie this month seems to be Paranormal Activity 3 which appears to be the Halloween replacement for the annual Saw installment. Oh well maybe I’ll get lucky like last year when Cinebarre in Asheville played John Carpenter’s The Thing.