Thursday Horror Picture Show

Well tonight is date night for my wife and I. First we are going to Carrabba’s for dinner (she loves the Johnny Rocco salad with shrimp and scallops) then we are following that up with my favorite Thursday night activity – FREE Thursday Horror Picture Show at Carolina Cinemas. Every Thursday night at 8 pm, Carolina Cinemas of Asheville shows a FREE horror movie in their upstairs cinema lounge. Tonight’s film is The Night Strangler:

The Night Strangler (1973) – NR (Made for TV)

Darren McGavin stars as hard-nosed reporter Carl Kolchak in this creepy movie. In The Night Strangler, Kolchak uncovers an underground city in Seattle as he investigates another blood-sucking murderer.

Sadly while the entire TV series of Kolchak – the Night Stalker is available on instant Netflix, the two made-for-TV movies that started it are only available on disc. The two TV movies differ from the series in that they aren’t nearly as campy.

I love going to the FREE Thursday Horror Picture Show and getting a Coke and an order of fries. The movie starts at 8 but arrive early as they start the serial at 740. This week is the first chapter of Flash Gordon Goes to Mars!

The October lineup for the Thursday Horror Picture Show is pretty wonderful:

October 6th: Quatermass and the Pit!!!! – One of my favorite science fiction horror movies, this 1967 Hammer film is no longer available on our side of the pond.

October 13th: A double feature of The Mad Ghoul (1943) and Weird Woman (1944)

October 20th: Dracula (1931) to celebrate the birthday of Bela Lugosi

October 27th: Trick R Treat (2007) – a fabulous anthology film, the modern successor to the Amicus films and Creepshow.

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