Captain America & Marvel Superhero week

You might guess from the Captain America shirt that I was looking forward to the Captain America movie and you would be right. I went to see it with my honey today and I really enjoyed it (although both Thor and X-Men First Class were better).  It was a real throwback to the idealistic Captain America of my youth – not the grittier yet superb vision of Ed Brubaker. Strangely not many people stayed until the credits were over to see the “sneak peek” of The Avengers. I always love the bonus scenes for staying through the credits.

We also saw a preview for The Amazing Spider-Man but to me it really seemed like Green Lantern 2012. It looks like a retread of the Spider-Man origin story by a lesser director and with a less appealing cast. I love the plethora of comic book movies each year but I do recognize they have a wide range of quality associated with them. In fact I often feel relieved after I have seen a bad one (Green Lantern, either Fantastic Four movie) as I feel I have “disaster-proofed” the others for the year.

By the way if anyone has not seen Captain America yet, I got FREE tickets for my wife and I by buying Iron Man and Iron Man 2 on Blu-Ray at Best Buy. I love free movie ticket offers.

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