Lazy Weekend Musings – Lost & Asheville Film Society

I am beginning to feel like a shill for Carolina Cinemas. Previously I have plugged for them on Actionfest many times and also for their FREE Thursday night horror movie (this Thursday – 1931s Frankenstein!). This plug is a little mixed however.

Carolina Cinemas has been playing Lost for FREE (FREE is such an important word that it should always be in all caps) on Tuesday nights in their cinema lounge. With the Lost finale occurring on Sunday, I was concerned that the cinema lounge might have been reserved for something else.

I called Sunday afternoon to verify that Lost would be playing that evening at 7. I was told yes – not no or even maybe. My long-suffering wife drove all of us into Asheville. When we arrived the cinema lounge was being used by a private group. We arrived early (6:15) and asked at the concession stand if Lost would be playing at 7 and were assured that it would be. When the group was still going strong at ten minutes until 7, my wife went back downstairs and asked again.

Bizarrely this time she was told no. With no time remaining to get home and watch it (Carolina Cinemas is in Asheville and we do not live in Asheville), we were quite naturally very annoyed. We found some members of management and voiced that annoyance in what I hope was a respectful manner.

Management was quite receptive. They comped us three movie tickets even though Lost was a FREE feature and were properly apologetic. They also went to the extra trouble to find out that Lost was playing at Cinebarre – a movie theater on the West end of Asheville. In my mind, this stellar handling of a bad situation really redeemed them.

We hustled over to Cinebarre and enjoyed Popcorn and French Fries while watching the marathon four and a half hour conclusion to Lost. We enjoyed it though took some issue with how they ended it – not surprising as this is Lost we are talking about.

The Asheville Film Society

Bill Banowsky, owner of Carolina Cinemas is setting up the Asheville Film Society as a nonprofit organization and Ken (Cranky) Hanke will be serving as artistic director. Lost will be replaced by Asheville Film Society movies every Tuesday at 8 in the Cinema Lounge. The first film being shown is the classic neo-noir Blood Simple from the Coen brothers. As with Thursday night horror, the Tuesday night films will be FREE and open to the public.

Upcoming Tuesday Asheville Film Society films – FREE at Carolina Cinemas 8 pm

May 24th – Blood Simple (1984)

June 1st – Rushmore (1998)

June 8th – The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) –  The documentary not the biopic Milk

June 15th – Manhattan (1979)

June 22nd – Twentieth Century (1934)

June 29th – Tetro (2009)

Upcoming Thursday horror – FREE at Carolina Cinemas 8 pm

May 27th – Frankenstein (1931)

June 3rd – The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

June 10th – The Gorgon (1964) – Woohoo! One of my favorite Hammer films starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

June 17th – The Sentinel (1977)

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