Lazy Weekend Musings – Actionfest and Chuck Norris


What a way to wrap up Actionfest.

I started by watching the insane Robo Geisha. I then caught the Chuck Norris retrospective flick, Code of Silence.

After that I went out and saw Chuck Norris in the hallway.

Partially due to the burn stunt snafu yesterday, they redid the stunt show. This time Chuck Norris was in attendance. They redid the air jump, the rocket stunt and the airbag fall. The burn stunt was a wowzer and thankfully went well.

I met and shook hands with Chilean martial artist Marco Zaror and stuntman Paul Weston (Raiders of the Lost Ark and 7 of the Bond movies). I got autographs from the beautiful Sheree Wilson (Alex Cahill on Walker, Texas Ranger), Judson Mills (Gage on Walker), and stuntman Jeff Habberstad (Spider-Man, Blade, Live Free or Die Hard).

I had an all movie pass but not a Chuck Norris pass but one of the wonderful fest folks I had been chatting with earlier let me in to the Stunts of Chuck Norris panel. I believe once all the Chuck Norris badgeholders had been seated that they then opened seating up to non-badge holders to fill the remaining seats.

The talk was of course wonderful with many amusing anecdotes from Chuck and the stuntmen. Immediately afterward everyone rushed toward Chuck but his bodyguards and the police whisked him out the exit door.

I then finished off the day by watching The Square and heading home.

I am sooooo looking forward to Actionfest 2 next year.