Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy – The Doctor is Out! week

In honor of my sudden illness this past weekend, this week is The Doctor is Out week. Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy is currently available on instant Netflix.

AVOID: Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy (1990) – NR – Not rated but definitely not for the kids.

“Ilsa (Hajni Brown) and her daughter Sabrina (Susanna Makay) are lesbian nurses with sadomasochistic tendencies in this Hungarian erotic thriller. Along with their friend Greta (Csilla Farago), the women lure unsuspecting men to their remote hospital and subject them to various surgical tortures. Soon, however, Sabrina falls victim to a feminist slave ring — and learns she’s expected to play a pivotal role in their plan for world domination.”

Lets give her a new sensation – I want to watch her sweat – drag her into the sauna.”

She will operate on the young female patient the following day and make her a robot love doll.”

“First there was a boy born with an Elvis tattoo.” (No I am not kidding)

Help! I have been Tromatized! I think this may be the first Troma film that I have ever watched in its entirety. Normally I switch films like this off after the first few minutes but I endured all that this film threw at me to save you from this horrible fate.

I seriously do not know where to begin describing this film. Did this film make more sense in its original Hungarian? Any sense? Was this made for Skinemax? Who was this made for?

The women are scantily clad and often topless. There is essentially no sex in the film so it does not appear to have been a chopped up pornographic film.

The women (when clothed) are either in unconvincing nurse outfits (often while brandishing automatic weapons – is that a specialized fetish?) or in jean shorts and tee shirts (again with automatic weapons).

The nurses encounter a flagellant in sandals walking down the road (?!). Naturally they kidnap him so they can whip him themselves.

At one point the film appears to divert your attention from the fact that the semi-nude women always appear bored by making it an actual plot point.

I would call this film misogynistic (it is) but it really hates men just as much. Men take up almost none of the running time but the ones we have are a flagellant, a mindless zombie, a peeping tom, a virgin, and a victim who has his feet cut off and is left suffering. All are killed.

The film makes so little sense that they have to have a constant narrator who is not one of the characters. In addition to that at a later point we have a second narrator. Things still do not make any sense so they added captions as well. That did not help.

Ultimately this is a voyage of self-discovery. No no no not of the characters – I have discovered that no amount of nudity or lingerie can make this film palatable.

AVOID this film at all costs. It is not “so bad it is funny”, it is just plain awful.

People Watch: Writer/Director/Producer Leon Paul De Bruyn is billed as Harry M. Love for the directing and producing and billed as Leon P. Howard for the writing. Bizarre!

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