Lazy Weekend Musings – ActionFest

Okay these are definitely lazy weekend musings as I am publishing them on Monday. I want to blog 7 days a week but I find I never have time on the weekend as that is when I spend the most time with my wife and youngest daughter. I think this means that I will cover movies on a semi-random topic Monday through Friday (and occasional Saturdays) and that I will reserve Sundays for this and that.

Coming April 15-18 to Asheville, NC (my neck of the woods) is ActionFest. ActionFest is “the worlds first film festival for Action films”. The festival opens with the premiere of Centurion, directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent). It concludes with a presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Chuck Norris. More of the film schedule is to be revealed on their site March 22nd.

As you might tell from the subject of my blog, growing up one of my absolute favorite things to do was to go to the movies. Raising my children, I took them as often as I could (as much for my enjoyment as theirs).

I go to fewer and fewer movies each year. I love my home, my TV (thank you honey!), my comfy chair, and my food. I despise paying the price of a DVD to watch a film in a theater that may work out fine or may have people chattering incessantly or using their cellphones, especially when I know the DVD will be out in four months.

Moviegoers: Insert your own private rant about $6 sodas here :)

In spite of that, Actionfest has me excited about going to the movies again. I plan to go all four days and catch as many of the premieres and retrospectives as possible. All of the movies will be held at Carolina Cinemas Asheville and the closing ceremony will be held at The Orange Peel with The Reigning Sound playing.

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