Lazy Weekend Musings – Portable

This weekend I finally got something I have been wanting for a long time (years in fact). I watch movies in the luxury of my own home for the most part. As I mentioned last week I rarely go out to the movies any more. The expense is beyond ridiculous and the atmosphere and experience are often not as good as what I get at home.

I have a small television next to the computer for watching movies for review. This is an ideal setup for me as I am an exceptionally slow writer. I also use this TV to entertain my wife while we both compute.

I have a wonderful large 1080p television in the living room to watch my favorite movies in luxury. I love to sit down a few feet in front of it with a large iced tea and a sandwich. Currently my youngest and I are working our way through Planet Earth.

Anyway enough digression – this weekend I finally got an iPod (thank you honey!). I never listen to music but I have always wanted something to watch movies on when we take long trips or when I am waiting to pick up my daughter from school.

I have already used Downloadhelper (a firefox plugin) to download some Youtube videos and put them on the iPod. Besides the usual unbelievably large selection of short films, you can also find a number of films that have never been released on DVD broken up into several parts.

Downloadhelper has been amazingly easy to use. Now I just need to find something to convert my DVD library to MP4 so the iPod can read it.