Sick Nurses – The Doctor is Out! week

In honor of my sudden illness this past weekend, this is The Doctor is Out! week. Sick Nurses is available on instant Netflix.

WATCH: Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai – 2007) – NR – Not rated but not for the kids – this is quite gory.

“Six nubile nurses and a devious doctor are brutally slain one after another by a vengeful spirit in this bloody shocker. The group had been illegally harvesting body parts for sale on the black market until pretty Tahwan threatened to squeal to the law. Not about to give up their lucrative scheme, her co-workers put her on the table for carving. But a week later, her dying curse comes true as her corpse rises from the grave to take its revenge.”

This is the fetish film that Maniac Nurses wishes it was. The women, all incredibly gorgeous, are either in nurse uniforms or various stages of undress and essentially the entire film takes place in the hospital. We even have voyeurism and the sexual removal of clothing via scalpel.

Thai film boards must have a prohibition on nudity because I have seen many Thai films that would lend themselves to it (especially one as fetishistic as this one). They even have a shower scene here where the lady is clothed. They do try to show as much skin without nudity as possible.

While the overall plot is standard revenge from beyond the grave, the overall theme seems to be the self-destructiveness of beauty. All of the nurses are narcissistic. One nurse constantly eats snack food (potato chips, donuts) and either spits it out or induces vomiting. Another imagines plastic surgery while a third is constantly exercising. Almost all are preening at one moment or other.

The beautiful nurse twins love each other and believe everyone should love them, especially for their looks. They also love taking pictures of each other with their cellphones. All of the characters but specifically the twins seem surrounded by mirrors.

I love the subplot of how the nurses selling body parts find themselves not being able to control their own body parts.

They certainly do take some pages from other Asian horror – instead of a ghostly figure climbing out of a well or a television set, we have one climbing out of a handbag. Instead of making the figure albino, they blacken her skin.

Taglines for this film include “Take a deep breath. This is going to hurt.” and “Beauty cannot last but death is forever.”

The film is interesting and fun to watch albeit quite gory. The indictment of our beauty culture is quite well done.

Many of the effects are cheesy (Evil handbag of doom anyone) and the director does not actually create any scares or atmosphere of dread.

In spite of that (and having to read subtitles), I give this a watch recommendation (barely). The indictment of vanity is better handled than Death Becomes Her even if it is less professionally filmed.

People Watch: Director Piraphan Laoyont was most recently second assistant director on Bangkok Dangerous, the Nicholas Cage remake.