Right at Your Door – Weapons of Mass Destruction week

This is Weapons of Mass Destruction week. Right at Your Door is currently available on instant Netflix.

Right at Your Door

WATCH: Right at Your Door (2006) – Rated R for pervasive language and some disturbing violent content.

“What begins as just another day for everyman Brad (Rory Cochrane) quickly disintegrates into an ordeal of terror when a dirty bomb is unleashed on Los Angeles. Unable to contact his wife, Brad decides to barricade himself in his house while awaiting her return from work, facing isolation and panic during his tense vigil. With a strong script and talented cast, writer-director Chris Goraks skillfully wrought thriller delivers high-level suspense.”

Made by first-time director and first-time writer, Chris Gorak, this was obviously a very personal project.

The film opens with Brad taking out the trash in a quiet L.A. suburb. He then helps his wife Lexi get ready for work on a calm ordinary day. Once we have established our peaceful setting, the credits roll.

Gorak wastes no time in establishing his premise. After the credits are done, we hear the ominous tone of the Emergency Broadcast System. Yes you guessed it – this is not a test.

The initial scenes of disbelief then panic are exceptionally well-handled. There is no need for a mega-million dollar event. The disaster feels quite real (as opposed to the spectacles put on by Roland Emmerich which are more of a fun ride).

The film is actually shaping up to be an absolute masterpiece when it hits the 30 minute mark. Unfortunately it then hits the suspension of disbelief wall.

Lexi arrives back home and Brad, panicked by the dirty bomb reports, will not let her in to his sealed home. This pretty much killed what had been an uncannily realistic film for me. I simply cannot imagine that circumstance.

The rest of the movie is still quite good in spite of the above jawdropper and a few other minor missteps but it does pale in comparison to the first half hour.

I have to recommend this as a watch for the incredibly scary first half-hour alone.

People Watch: Mary McCormack plays Lexi. She later went on to play Kate Harper in West Wing and Mary Shannon in In Plain Sight.