The Guild – Videogames are bad for you week

This is Videogames are bad for you week. So far they have been horrid for me, I’ve been 0 for 4. Worst. Idea. For. A. Week. Ever. The Guild: Seasons 1 & 2 is currently available on instant Netflix.

The Guild

WATCH: The Guild: Seasons 1 & 2 – NR – Not rated.

“Actress and former “World of Warcraft” addict Felicia Day created and stars in this Web series about a quirky group of gamers who take part in all sorts of heroics online but are far less skilled at navigating real life. Day plays Cyd Sherman, a young woman whose virtual-world obsession has led both her boyfriend and her therapist to dump her — at the same time that her cyber-friend circle, or “guild,” has begun to acquire a life beyond the Net.”

“Don’t corpse camp that idea. It’ll never rez.”

“No screenshot but trust me it happened.”

“I guess my princess is in another castle.”

Okay thankfully we’re done with movie adaptations of videogames. Our last three items this week will be shows about videogames. Hopefully this new approach will yield better results.

While not a one-woman show, The Guild is written, produced and stars Felicia Day. She is absolutely wonderful – she has beautiful comedic timing and is charming as well. She was delightful in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which is coming soon to streaming.

Being a former World of Warcraft addict, this is obviously a very personal project for Felicia Day. Our family plays World of Warcraft quite a bit so much of the humor and drama in the series resonates with me.

The seasons 1 & 2  moniker may throw you. These were individual shorts about 4 minutes long. The first season amounts to 45 minutes and the second runs an hour and 15 minutes. All in all, you have essentially a 2-hour movie.

Felicia does takes some license with the game for comedic value but most of it is pretty darn accurate. The different personalities are quite well modeled and are often right on the mark. Clara in particular is someone we knew in a former guild. The only thing really changed for dramatic license is that everyone lives in the same area.

The ensemble cast is wonderful. This is important since the majority of the show consists just of talking heads. Jeff Lewis is quite retentive as the guild leader Vork. Sandeep Parikh is nicely annoying as Cyd’s wannabe love interest. Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, and Vincent Caso round out the guild as Clara, Tinkerballa, and Bladezz.

There are countless wonderful World of Warcraft analogies that probably make this more of a recommendation to other players. This earns a hearty recommendation for any current or former roleplayers. Also it earns a thumbs up for those of you who enjoy nerd culture.

To those not into online gaming or geekspeak, give it a try anyway – this is clearly a labor of love.

People Watch: Bladezz’ (Vincent Caso) little sister Dena is played by his little sister, Tara Caso. Apparently in the third season, ubergeek Wil Wheaton guest stars but that is not available on Netflix.