For October I’m going to change the blog around a bit. Horror is my absolute favorite genre – if there were enough good new horror movies I probably wouldn’t watch anything else. So for Halloween month I’m going to feature an Instant Netflix horror movie each day to watch and I’ll often pair it with a related one to avoid. Scream is currently available but not Scream 2 or 3. Scream and Scream 2 have a near perfect balance of humor and suspense. Scream 3 while enjoyable leans a lot harder on the humor and as such isn’t very suspenseful.


WATCH: Scream (1996) – “Horror maven Wes Craven — paying homage to teen horror classics such as Halloween and Prom Night — turns the genre on its head with this tale of a murderer who terrorizes hapless high schooler Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) by offing everyone she knows. Not your average slasher flick, Scream distinguishes itself with a self-parodying sense of humor. Courteney Cox and David Arquette co-star as a local news reporter and a small-town deputy”

This film is absolutely wonderful, especially if you grew up with the slasher genre as I did. Scream is a great slasher in its own right with a unique denoument. It references Halloween, Friday the 13th, the Town that Dreaded Sundown, Nightmare on Elm Street and dozens of others directly and then has just as many other indirect references. All the actors do a very good job (even if some are a little old for high school) but the real star is Kevin Williamson’s script which both pays homage to and subverts the slasher genre. Jamie Kennedy who I haven’t cared for in anything else I’ve seen is actually a scene-stealer here. People watchers: Linda Blair (The Exorcist) has a brief cameo as a reporter and Wes Craven has a cameo as a janitor in a Freddy Krueger sweater. Personal note: For many years we owned the exact same model of green-striped sofa that Sidney naps on at her house. This movie is very highly recommended but be aware that it is also fairly brutal especially the opening sequence with Drew Barrymore.

DON’T BOTHER WITH: Stephen King’s Cats Eye – also featuring Drew Barrymore, this movie never really amounts to anything. A mediocre adaptation of a few of Stephen King’s lesser short stories.

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  1. DON’T BOTHER WITH should be AVOID.


    I enjoyed watching Scream with you last night, dear.

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