Hello world!

When our cable special GET EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD FOR ONE LOW PRICE! ended, we had to make a decision between keeping the cable TV and keeping the internet. Getting rid of the cable phone was a no-brainer as in an entire year, we had never used it. The cable internet was used by everyone in the house and the cable TV was mostly just for me so goodbye cable TV. We have Netflix because I’m a huge movie nerd so instead of a $50 or more cable TV bill, we have a $13.99 Netflix bill. $13.99 gets you two movies at a time but better still you get a zillion movies for free on instant play. Unless you are a sports fan, I really find it hard to see why anyone would prefer cable TV to Netflix Instant

My wonderful wife Jen blogs regularly about our family life and is teaching me how to blog (Welcome to the 21st Century!). My favorite hobby is movies and the kids complain that there is nothing (left) to watch on instant play so I decided to blog about the movies available on instant play. I plan on blogging about one of my favorite movie people or topics each day and will try to update previous topics as Netflix rotates through their collection.

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